A retailer with a large portfolio wants to both access and give all their products a CO2 footprint. They are looking for an automated solution for a large range of products from all types of brands, both food and beverages. But as it looks today, many products are missing a carbon footprint, and not all existing CO2 calculations have the same scope and methodologies.

With FoodFacts' cloud-based CO2 calculator, the retailer can now give all their products across the portfolio a CO2 footprint without requiring complex integration.

By using the calculator, the retailer's purchasing team can choose more sustainable products by comparing the CO2 footprints of different products as the same calculation algorithm is applied to all items. This information can also be used to encourage suppliers to develop more sustainably-friendly products, nudging them in the right direction. The retailer is also able to evaluate its Scope 3 emissions, at baseline and to then measure and track progress.

For the end-consumers, the solution enables them to compare products' CO2 scores directly in the app before making a purchase. This feature allows them to make informed choices and supports the retailer's sustainability goals and strategy.

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