It's been quite a year for FoodFacts. We are proud to have initiated new key collaborations as well as launched new tools and features in our platform and welcomed new members to the team. Let's have a look at some of the highlights..

At the beginning of the year, we moved our office to Norrsken House Stockholm, making us a part of the innovative ecosystem and community of other impact companies and startups.

We launched one of our largest collaborations yet, becoming the new partner for Coop Sweden's Sustainability Declaration in March. This is what Mattis Bergquist, Chief Sustainability at Coop Sweden said about the collaboration: "With FoodFacts as a new partner, it will be possible to accelerate improvements to Coop's sustainability declaration. We want it to be easy for our suppliers to participate and for calculations and updates to take place smoothly". 

In the spring, we launched a new website, giving FoodFacts the new face it deserved!

We officially launched our CO2 calculator in June 2023, which automatically estimates full carbon footprints on any food product, including agriculture, manufacturing, packaging and transport. We are happy to share some carbon footprint estimates with you. Send us 5 EAN codes here and we will be happy to send you back our carbon footprints on these products.

During the year we also established a Scientific Advisory Board which helps us review the quality and relevance of the scientific research used in our platform. Our first member to join was Marion Korach-André, researcher and project leader on sustainable nutrition and health.

In the summer we welcomed Matthias Feist as our new CTO. We are so happy to have Matthias on board, bringing technical experience from Klarna and Spotify with a passion for sustainable transformation. 

Our CEO Alexandra Ferreira was a guest on the podcast Heja Framtiden, in a conversation on food data being the next big step to combine nutrition, sustainability, transparency and innovation within the food sector. She was also featured in the magazine Scandinavian Mind on how to use AI and machine learning to improve food data.

We want to thank all our partners, clients, team members and food data enthusiasts who have made this year so great. We look forward to many more collaborations, and conversations about food data. We can't wait to make 2024 even better!