An e-commerce company wants to improve the product recommendations on its website to encourage healthier food choices. By using FoodFacts customized filters and tags they can suggest products that are minimally processed, have low sugar content, and avoid specific additives.

Each product will be assigned a unique health score, calculated using a customized algorithm that takes various health indicators into account. In this case, the e-commerce company wants to incorporate indicators such as Nutri-Score, NOVA group, a low sugar tag, and the exclusion of certain additives (customizable tag) for the health score calculation.

FoodFacts develops the scoring system and algorithm. These calculations are fully automated and grounded in the latest scientific research. Although Nutri-Score won't be displayed to the end-consumer, it will be used for the calculation algorithm.

With this innovative health scoring system, the e-commerce company can provide a personalized shopping experience and smart product recommendations as well as present potential product swaps. By translating their food philosophy and values into actionable food data within their interface, the company can effectively communicate their vision for the users.

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